Get Fattoosh-ed!

The team of Baba Fattoosh were very sweet to send us a complimentary meal so that we could give it a try. We must say that we were thrilled when the food arrived ( Who doesn’t like receiving food?).

We found their tagline of ”Tired of going out? Come back home” very catchy and actually, their food revolves entirely around this concept. The ”Ghar ka khaana” is what they aim at providing. And it’s true. When we tried the food, it was like eating a wonderful home-cooked meal: light, tasty and satisfying!


So here’s a quick intro about them and their team:
– Founded by Devesh Varshney, Harsh Bansal and SK Jafar. While Devesh curates and    decides the every-day menu, Harsh is the head of their ops. The head chef, SK Jafar, has – 13+ years of culinary experience (how cool is that?)
– They want to present healthy meal options to young working professionals who want good quality food at reasonable prices
– They change their menu every single day so that you never get bored.
– Their delivery time is just 45 minutes!
– 4.0 rating on Zomato (Must be good, eh?)

Now moving on to our most favorite part: The FOOD!
Bhindi Masala– Being staunch south Indians, we aren’t very used to Bhindi but this one changed our mind. It was so wonderfully cooked and had the perfect balance between crispy and soft. The strong Indian flavors were very prominent, with a hint of spice. Perfect to be had with roti or just by itself.

Paneer Pasanda– Very frankly, this is one of the best paneer gravy’s we have ever had. The gravy was so creamy and mild. The paneer was soft, melt-in-the-mouth and stuffed with kofta. The kofta went wonderfully with the paneer and the gravy. Must try!

download (1)
Mint Raitha- Another favorite. This raitha was spicy and minty, with a taste of cucumber. It was very light and refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to the food.

download (2)
Tawa Chicken-Perfect chicken. Not rubbery, but very well cooked. The gravy was very rich but not too spicy or overwhelming. It tasted very good with the pulkas.

download (3)

Steamed Rice and Pulkas– You know the difference between home made and restaurant made? Well, this one tasted like pure home made. The pulkas were light and fluffy with no oil what so ever.


Once we were done with the meal, we were full but not overwhelmed. It is the most suitable meal to have on a regular or even daily basis as you will not feel that it is from outside. As their goal is, they do actually make healthy, reasonably-priced food.
So, next time, when you miss your home food, you know where to order from (and we do, too!)

Thanks for the wonderful meal, Baba Fattoosh.
Until next time (there will definitely be a next time!)


Service- 4/5
Packaging- 3.5/5
Food- 4/5
Happiness Quotient- 4.5/5!

Please note: This is a sponsored meal but the views expressed in this blog are solely the author’s and is not influenced by any outward sources.

Specialty sandwiches at Pied Piper Cafe

It’s always a pleasure being called for a meet up and when the owner of the Pied Piper Cafe, Snigdha invited us, we didn’t quite know what to expect . 

To put it simply , we were delighted by the taste of food served at this place . It’s a must try especially when you’re visiting the locality. 


This new kid on the block in located on the same road as Jyothi Nivas College in Koramangala so there’s no real hassle in finding it. 

We were greeted by the owner of the cafe, the enigmatic Snigdha Swarup. She runs the place single handedly with constant support for her husband. During our conversation with her she shared the story of how The Pied Piper Cafer came to be. Being an ardent lover of sandwiches she noticed how there were very few food joints that specialised in serving great sandwiches and that’s when she decided to open up a place of her own to satisfy all those of us craving a good juicy sandwich. And how well she has succeeded in this mission ! 

The first thing you notice as u enter the place is how quaint it is. They have both an indoor and outdoor seating and the place really comes alive in the evenings with fairy lights and sunsets. 

Nonetheless , this is one of those places you go to solely for the great food they serve. 


Our wonderful host helped us with ordering their specialities. Here’s what all we tried-

The hot chocolate 

This was one wicked drink. Warm, thick spiced hot chocolate served in a mug. Comfort food at its best. Definitely a must try if you love a good mug of spiced hot chocolate. 


Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

Minions favourite  
This one took us by surprise with how delicious it tasted. It’s a blend of bananas, creamy chocolate and cake! The best part ? The bananas don’t overpower their flavour. 


Minions Favourite

The Marty 

A filling of Broccoli , peppers, mushrooms tossed with herbs. This sandwich was an absolute burst of flavours. One the best sandwiches we’ve ever tasted. Great option for vegetarians. 


The Marty
 Spiced Barbeque Chicken 
Chicken and BBQ flavours , could it get any better ? Wait , it does , the sandwiches here are served with a side of yummy salad and chips. It’s not just a sandwich but a meal in itself. 

Hakuna Matata Salad

We’re not big on salad but this one was delicious with every bite we took. Juicy  Apples, fresh watermelon, soft cubes of cottage cheese, cucumbers and lettuce tossed with a mouth watering flavours. Again, a must try. 


Hakuna Matata Salad
 Homemade Brownie

This brownie was so good that we could sing songs about it! As gooey and sweet and moist as a brownie should be. 


The staff were quick , attentive and hospitable. 

It was a great lunch with Snighda hosting us. 

The final verdict 

Ambiance – 3

Food- 4.7 

Service- 4

Value for money- 4

Happiness Quotient- 4.5

A (W)Hole Lotta Love!

Haven’t we all heard time and again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? So we went hunting for the best, most yummilious breakfast places in town. And what did we find? The Hole Lotta Love Cafe in Koramangala. The food here really made us fall in love.

It is located right in JNC road and is owned by the same people as Hole in the Wall cafe. 

The place: 


It is a quaint little cafe located on one floor split into two levels and is basically a house that has been converted into a cafe. The ambience is in no way spell binding but we would say that it has that retro, homely feel with hues of yellow and brown and spots of color here and there. It’s pretty cheerful too, with comfortable furniture, fairy lights and quirky quotes.

The Food: 

So we were quite ravenous and ended up ordering a lot of food. But, hey! No regrets, whatsoever. Here’s a sneak peak into our (not-s0-healthy) breakfast:

Peach Iced Tea- Peachy and refreshing. Had the right amount and blend of flavour and tea. Went well with the food.

    Peach Iced Tea

Indian Scrambled Eggs- This was the most disappointing dish of our meal. The description says “spicy” but it was very bland. It was quite ordinary with less masala and less flavour.

                   Indian Scrambled Eggs

Bob’s Hash Brown Omlette- This was one epic omelette. If you are a lover of potato, it’s a must try. It’s basically a wonderfully cooked hash brown sandwiched in an omelette. The softness of the omelette and the crispness of the hash brown is a perfect combination.
 Bob’s Hash Brown Omelette 

Chilly Cheese Corn Sandwich- Not any ordinary sandwich. It was spicy, it was cheesy, it was very well toasted and the corn was soft. It tasted great together.

  Chilli Cheese Corn Sandwich

Chocolate Waffles with Whipped Cream, Caramel sauce, Chocolate sauce and Nutella: Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds! The waffles here are one of the best we have had and we highly recommend it. It is so soft and melt-in-the mouth with a beautiful touch of cinnamon. With the toppings that we chose, it was absolute pure heaven. *Drool*

Chocolate Waffles

Psst.. We have heard that their ”Funky Monkey Waffles” are their trademark. We need to try that out the next time. You should too! 


Staff needs a little training when it comes to service. They have a tendency to mix or forget orders at times but they are very friendly and helpful. The prices are so worth it and will in no way burn a hole in your pocket. It is a really amazing place for breakfast and we loved every bit of it!

P.S: This is probably the only place in Bangalore which has a tub in its washroom (because it was a house before, remember?) 😛



Ambience- 3/5

Food- 4.5/5

Value for money- 4/5

Service- 3/5

Happiness Quotient- 4.5/5!


Loved this quote.. Words to live by!  





Hong Kong comes to Bangalore!

This restaurant comes as a saviour to those of us who love Indian Chinese and have been putting up with the mediocrity of most other Chinese cuisine serving restaurants in town! 

Hong Kong is located right on the Church street so no difficulty finding it . Initially we were apprehensive about trying this place since we were so used to having greasy , oily food served in the name of Indian Chinese cuisine but the food here was so delicious , we were left craving for more ! 


The first thing you notice as you walk inside is how classy this place is. 

The soft lighting , oriental music , Buddha statues , all add to the Chinese feel this place exudes . 

The decor is done up in reds and blacks. The seating is like any other fine dine restaurant, big tables with comfortable chairs. 


Chicken satay with peanut sauce – we can confidently say this was the best satay we’ve ever had!  The chicken was tender , soft and full of flavour. It was served on a hot grill which gave it that delicate smokey flavour . That, with the peanut sauce was absolutely delicious. The peanut sauce itself was mild and not too overpowering . This one is a must try !  

Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce


Peanut Sauce
Szechwan noodles with Vegetable Manchurian- this big portion of Szechwan flavoured noodles was not greasy or oily or loaded with soy sauce . It was packed with flavour, light and not a bit greasy . The vegetable manchurian balls with soy and pepper sauce was the right amount of spicy and tangy ,making it the perfect accompaniment with the noodles. 

Szechwan noodles, Vegetable manchurian in soy and pepper sauce

In between the meal , we were also constantly served aromatic green tea

Green tea

Fruit Toffee Bucket– a selection of fresh fruits , fried in a sweet batter , served with Ice cream and chocolate sauce on the side. We expected this dessert to be heavy on the tummy but surprisingly it wasn’t . Each bite was so delicious , we finished the platter in a matter of minutes! 


Fruit Toffee Bucket


Right from the moment we entered , till we left , we were treated with a lot of courtesy and hospitality. Many places may satisfy you with their food and leave you with lukewarm hospitality. Not only did Hong Kong please us with food but with service as well.

The only little downside with service was that at times , the staff went a little too overboard with being courteous that it took away a bit of our privacy. They kept watching over us, kept coming to the table to ask us – one too many times -if we needed anything else . Maybe the management can ask the staff to cut down just a little bit on courtesies. 

Other than that , our experience here was truly pleasant. We definitely recommend this place ! 


Ambiance – 3.5 / 5

Food – 4/5

Service -3.5/5

Happiness Quotient- 3.7/5




When you know a place has been trending for a long time, you can’t but wait to try it out. Blimey’s was one such place for us.  
In a nutshell, this place has it all- beautiful ambience, some lip smacking food and hospitality like no other. It surely made us go blimey!


It’s located in 1 M.G mall so no hassle finding it. The first thing you notice when you enter is that Blimey’s has a certain charm to it.

The décor is quirky with a touch of elegance. On one side is an extensive bar and on the other there are couches and tables. We chose a comfortable looking couch overlooking the Ulsoor lake and we must admit, the view was magnificent.


There are seldom such experiences where you order three courses and each is better than the previous one. Our lunch at Blimey’s was just that.

For starters we ordered the Irish Boxty and Pub wings with peri peri sauce. 


Irish Boxty
Irish Boxty- This is one of the best starters they serve and it lived up to the hype around it. Thin potato pancakes with a topping of sour cream and broccoli. It was absolutely melt in the mouth with bursts of flavour, you just can’t stop eating them!


Pub wings with peri peri sauce
Pub Wings Half Dozen- Soft, fresh and packed with flavour. A must try for people who like wings.


Pesto Pasta
Pesto Pasta- One of the best pesto pastas we’ve had. The taste was authentic and the sauce was creamy. The pesto sauce as well as the pasta tasted fresh, like it was just made.


Tenderloin- Fillet mignon with sautéed mushrooms cooked to perfection.


Bailey’s Irish Cheese Cake
Bailey’s Irish Cheese Cake – A traditional Irish Cheese Cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream . It was absolutely killer! So much so that we ordered it once again. Hands down, one of the best desserts we’ve tasted. A must try for all you dessert lovers

The staff was more than courteous and when we asked for more information regarding some dishes, they were more than willing to explain. So extra points for that. We love it when the chefs take that extra care to plate well and each dish we ordered was pretty as a picture.

 The Final Verdict:

Ambiance- 4

Food- 4.5

Service- 4

Value for money- 4

Happiness Quotient: 4.5








#TTFSPECIAL- Perfect Profiterole at The Black Rabbit! 


It’s time for Tales of Two Foodies #Special segment and for this one, we are writing (raving,actually) about this one dessert that we absolutely loved and devoured. 

As foodies who have major sweet tooth, we try our best to score the best desserts all through town and this time we were really lucky and satisfied! 

Where: The Black Rabbit, Indiranagar

What: Profiterole with Caramel and Custard 

A Profiterole is basically a French sous pastry with a filling inside. The one we had here was so soft, fresh and melt in the mouth. It was topped with gooey chocolate fudge and butterscotch nuts. 

The filling inside was a flood of flavours (it literally flooded out once we cut into it). There was sinful caramel sauce with fresh custard, both of which tasted just amazing together. Every bite was a piece of heaven with the soft bread of the Profiterole, a mix of chocolate, caramel and custard and the butterscotch bits being the cherry on top. 

It was served with vanilla ice cream in an edible praline tart which added a really nice, additional flavour to this dessert. By the end of it, the plate was a pool of all things delicious! 

For all those who believe in true indulgence and crave a sugar rush, this is a must try. Needless to say, this amazing, epic dessert will remain in our hearts (and our bellies, too, probably) for a very, very long time! 

Satisfaction level: Orgasmic! 

Beautiful bakes at The Baking Company!

We were invited for a special preview of The Baking Company, a hospitality brand of the Brigade Group. Here is a little introduction into their background and a sneak peak of what they have to offer..

 The Baking Company, also known as TBC, first began as an in house bakery of sorts, present in all the Brigade Clubs, exclusively available to their members. Their products were so loved that the demand steadily grew, prompting them to take TBC into the open for the public. The first ever kiosk of TBC has opened up in Orion Mall, Rajajinagar.

Unlike other baking companies or patisseries, the USP of TBC is to serve wholesome, good bakery products that taste good and are also healthy. The aim was to create food that would remind the people of Bangalore of those traditional bakeries known for its goodness and quality. Most of what is served has lesser calories, is gluten-free and without preservatives. They have managed to make it healthy, without compromising on the taste.

Their logo is that of a Red Velvet Cupcake- which also happens to be their signature dish (one that is totally worth the money, may we add). This Red Velvet Cupcake does not overwhelm you with a strong sweetish flavour. It is fresh, light with a touch of Vanilla and the cream cheese on top being melt-in-the-mouth. It definitely had the deliciousness of a Red Velvet Cupcake, without being overwhelming.

Red Velvet Cupcake
 Red Velvet Cupcake

TBC serves a large variety of eatables and drinks, from cookies to muffins to pastries to sandwiches and puffs to coffee and smoothies, all of which are uniquely different and refreshingly tasty. We give you our take on all the delicacies we tasted:

The Cookies: We had the Jowar, Melting Moments, Ragi and Masala cookies. All of these were fresh, soft and crumbly, with a nice taste of butter. Our special mention goes out to the melting moments which had actually cornflakes on it, making it very crispy and crunchy. The Masala cookies made us nostalgic as it tasted exactly like the ones you find in Iyengar Bakery, truly a delight!


The Muffins: We had two of them.

One was the Morning Glory Muffin with a beautiful blend of apples, carrots and made from wholesome oats. The orange marmalade served with it was mouth watering and tasted of fresh oranges! Great combination and absolutely perfect as a quick breakfast snack!

Morning Glory Muffin
 Morning Glory Muffin

The other was the Jowar Banana Muffin. The best part was we could hardly taste the millets. The center of the muffin was so soft, with a very rich taste of banana. This one is a must try for banana lovers.

Jowar Banana Muffin
 Jowar Banana Muffin

Savouries: We were very happy to note that the savouries here are as good as their bakery products. Less oil, fresh products, great taste, this sums up their assortment of wraps, sandwiches and puffs.

Chicken Puff- This was not one of those oily, greasy puffs with a mound of hard stuffing inside. There was very minimal oil and the puff was crispy and flaky. The stuffing was spicy and delicious with the chicken being neatly minced.

Chicken Puff
 Chicken Puff

Paneer Sandwich- Soft, creamy paneer mixed with veggies and masala, sandwiched between fresh, wonderful bread. Tasted really amazing.

Paneer Sandwich
 Paneer Sandwich

Chicken Roll- Rolls that are hard, with bits of uncooked maida and bland stuffing are distasteful but this one was the totally opposite. The roll was very easy to bite in to and the stuffing was a joy. A mix of soft chicken, vegetables and loads of masala.The green chutney complemented it perfectly.

Chicken Roll
 Chicken Roll


The Carrot cake was perfectly made with a great taste of carrots and a touch of cinnamon which truly added a great flavor to it.

Carrot Cake
 Carrot Cake

The Kiwi pastry was a spectacular combination of fresh cream and real bits of kiwi fruit (and not just kiwi flavoring) in each layer of the cake. Amazing kiwi deliciousness!

Kiwi Pastry
 Kiwi Pastry

The Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cake again just melts away, leaving behind such a beautiful blend of chocolate, coffee and cream.

Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cake
Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cake

TBC also has its range of drinks, from Cold Coffee which is a blessing for coffee lovers to Smoothies which are sweet, with ample amount of milk and flavour to even Cutting Chai which has a strong masala flavour, along with ginger for tea lovers.

While Bangalore does have a lot of such bakeries and confectionary places, there are very few that keep in mind the quality and freshness of the products being served. While the products here may not be overwhelming and may not give that ‘’sugar rush’’, it definitely will not disappoint taste wise. It also provides a wonderful alternative to other unhealthy eateries with its gluten-free, preservative-free products. It is definitely a must try for all those who believe in tasty and healthy eating!


Food- 4.5/5

Variety- 3.5/5

Value for Money 4/5

Happiness Quotient- 4.5/5!

Disclaimer- Our review for The Baking Company is not influenced by any external factors. We always strive to provide our honest opinion as we feel we owe it to everyone to not mislead.

Perfect Sunday at Puma Social Club!

Picture Courtesy:
Picture Courtesy:
We have all heard about Puma, the sportswear brand and we all do love it, don’t we? So, quite obviously, when they enter the Hospitality industry and open a spanking lounge, one would want to go visit it! Well, Puma Social Club is located very conveniently on 100 feet road, Indiranagar and very easy to spot.


It is multi-storied building with seating on different floors. If one wishes to watch some sports on TV and chill near the bar, then the first floor would be the place to be. We, however preferred the rooftop as the comfortable couches, open sky, great view and the breezy Bangalore weather tempted us way too much. The ambiance at Puma is very casual, very chilled out.. A place where you can drink, eat and have a great time with pals. It is pretty dimly lit in the evenings with some really good music that totally adds to its ambiance. A thumbs up for this!

Food and drinks:

Moving on to what they have to offer. Even though they are a lounge, their meni So we ordered drinks, soup, appetizers and some mains. Here is a summary of it:

Cosmopolitan- Your regular cosmo cocktail. Thankfully, it was not too bitter and on the good side, it wasn’t just juice, it definitely had ample amount of alcohol in it.

Chicken Skewers- They serve three types of skewers (chimichurri, satay and black pepper). Each of them had tender chicken, distinct flavours and well cooked. In accompaniment, they served three different types of dips to go with it. With so many varieties, it was a burst of flavours and thoroughly enjoyable!

Chicken Skewers
 Chicken Skewers
Stuffed potatoes- These are basically half-cut potatoes stuffed with cheese. We were pretty excited about this dish but it was a disappointment. The potatoes were not well cooked and there was hardly any cheese. The dish was dry and bland and can definitely be avoided.

Stuffed Potatoes
 Stuffed Potatoes
Chicken Parmesan- It comes with a truly delightful combination of soft chicken, creamy mashed potatoes and a flavourful red sauce. The three aspects of this dish complimented each other perfectly.

Chicken Parmesan
 Chicken Parmesan
Penne Pesto Pasta- The Pesto sauce had a really strong flavour, garnished with herbs. The disappointment was the pasta as it was hard and not well cooked. On pointing this out, they quickly rectified their mistake, though.

Penne Pesto Pasta
 Penne Pesto Pasta
We Recommend:

Sugar Daddy- Swanky name, swanky drink. This was without doubt, one of the tastiest cocktails we have ever had. It is a great mix of alcohol with sugar and fruit syrups. If you are a cocktail person, then it is  must try!

Sugar Daddy
 Sugar Daddy
French Onion Soup- This tasted like authentic Onion soup and not one of those fake ones. Not too strong, not too light, it had perfectly blended onions and topped off with cheese. It was just epic!


photo (7)           If we had to point out a con, it would be their hospitality. They definitely do keep to themselves and are courteous but they are neither very prompt nor very friendly. Even though we had reserved seats on the top floor, they initially refused. This is one aspect they might need to work on. The prices are pretty decent, definitely not reasonable but not sky high either.

Overall, however, we had a great time at Puma Social with the amazing ambiance, great cocktails, good food and a pleasant Sunday evening!


Ambiance- 4/5

Food and drinks- 3.5/5

Service- 3/5

Value for money- 3.5/5

Happiness quotient- 4/5!


If pizzas are your thing, then Onesta is where you need to head for a menu consisting of only pizzas!

A small joint tucked away in Koramangala  4th block, this place has been trending among food lovers of the city ever since it was opened. If you know Hole in The Wall café , this place should not be hard to spot since it is just a few blocks away and is bang opposite Spoonful of Sugar.

Read on to find out our take on this place..



With white washed walls. Wooden tables, red and black chairs, this place a certain charm to it. They have both indoor and outdoor seating facilities. Potted plants, creepers and the glass ceiling surely adds on to the charm. We loved the whites and reds of the décor.

On the downside, we wished the place was bigger in size. There is very little space between tables. However , it’s amazing how much has been done in the available space.


As we have mentioned before, the menu mainly has pizzas. That’s what Onesta is known for.  Apart from pizzas they also serve desserts and some drinks.  Also, the pizzas served here are all personal sized.

Roast Potato and Garlic pizza

Roast potato and garlic pizza- This was the first time we were having potato in a pizza! The flavour of the roast potatoes and whole garlic came together really well. The seasoning was perfect. We would have liked a little bit more of cheese in the pizza though.

Wasabi Mayo Chicken pizza

Wasabi mayo chicken-  A blend of chicken, mushroom and mayo with an infusion of wasabi. There was something very off putting about the wasabi in the pizza. It has a very strong flavour so unless you are fond of it, we suggest avoiding this one. There was hardly a hint of mayo in this one.

Crispy chicken calzone- Absolutely delicious, we gulped this down in a few bites! The chicken was friend really well and the calzone was a burst of flavour in the mouth.

Green Apple Cooler

Green apple cooler- With a mild flavour of green apple, this cooler was fresh and refreshing

Peach ice tea

Peach iced tea- Very little flavour of peaches. After a point this tasted like plain water.

They also serve a complimentary portion of breads with pesto before the food arrives. The pesto accompanying the breads was absolutely delicious!

Complimentary bread with pesto


We were let down by the service standards here. Nobody approached us with a menu for a long time after we had arrived, we had to wait for quite sometime for our orders to be taken, the waiters don’t seem to understand what we asked for. May be bit more training would prove beneficial.

The final verdict:

Ambience – 3

Food- 3

Service- 2.5

Value for money- 3

Happiness Quotient: 3

Smally’s: Small place, great potential!


We had heard a lot about Smally’s at Usloor and we finally visited Smally’s at Church Street.

The location is great- bang in the beginning of Church Street, opposite Krispy Kreme and right next to Matteo Coffea, so there will be no difficulty finding it!


IMG_2065When you see the entrance of Smally’s with its wooden door, brick walls, green planter boxes with a sign above proudly claiming ‘’Smally’s’’, you really do not what to expect inside. How was the inside? A big surprise! Its cute, cool, comfortable and cheerful. You have gilded mirrors adorned with pretty fairy lights, a graffiti wall, quirky quotes and posters, with pure brick walls.

Its dark inside but definitely has the happiness factor. Its perfect for friends to chill and for couples to canoodle. We were charmed by the ambiance!


How much had we heard about the food here? A lot! We had high expectations and we were not really disappointed. Here’s what we gorged on:

Red Velvet Cupcake Shake: If there is one word to describe this drink, its ‘’orgasmic’’. No, we are not kidding. Its one full delicious red velvet cupcake dunked into milk and cream, whipped together to create paradise. The best part is, you can actually taste the cupcake. How cool is that!

Red Velvet Cupcake Shake
Red Velvet Cupcake Shake

Couch Potato: The couch potato is basically mashed potato, fried into a sort of cutlet. It was good, but the potato was not really ‘’mashed’’. The garlic mayo dip served with this tasted really creamy and tasty.

Couch Potato
Couch Potato

Fat Rosy Burger: We had heard that Smally’s is known for their burgers. But the one we had is not one we would recommend. The home made vegetarian patty was soft and mild, the bun was fresh and the cheese sauce was proper in amount. What it lacked was flavor. To be blunt, it was bland.

                          The Fat Rosy!

Disco Chicken: It was a party with this chicken dish! Strips of soft, boneless chicken, topped with sweet and spicy sauce, served with a garlic mayo dip. It was the perfect bland of spicy and sweet.

Disco Chicken
Disco Chicken

We Recommend:

Red Velvet Cupcake Shake- If you do not drink this, you are losing out on a wonderful experience. No kidding!



Great place, good food, a cheerful ambiance, prompt service. That kind of sums it up. The prices , too, are decent, costing around 800 for two.

PS- Smally’s has the potential to be a close competitor to Truffles!


Ambiance- 4/5

Food- 3.5/5

Service- 4/5

Value for money- 3.5/5

Happiness Quotient- 4/5!